Hey there!

I'm Alec Faeste

Hi i'm a passionate UX/UI designer based in Sydney, Australia I hold a Bachelor Degree with the University of Sydney, supplying me with a solid foundation to understand the technical intricacies of product design.

I've recently completed a Bachelors of Design Computing at the University of Sydney. My passion for design stems from my own interest in creating things that are both practical and creative. Coming from a background interested in both Visual Arts and Tech i've been drawn to the creative field/tech industry. I strive to create engaging and impactful user experiences. Currently i'm freelancing helping small businesses such as CX start ups and ups-skilling to stay up to date with design practices. I'm interested in the spectrum of UX/UI design through various mediums ranging from contributing to PhD research in VR to helping create/redevelop users products for a seamless experience. From my degree I've gained a strong combination of technical, design and problem-solving skills. that allowing me to contribute to a team that values user-centric design. I strive to make users' lives easier and more enjoyable through creating accessible and enjoyable experiences.

I also have a passion for digital art and practising my craft whenever I have the chance, I'm largely interested in character/creature design as well as world building drawings. I'm also interested in a large variety of styles whilst trying to find my own ranging from pixel to inking art. Although I have shaky hands I've been able to practice on Procreate with it's accessiblity settings allowing me to improve. I draw large inspiration from artists like Zoe Thorogood in her character design (and her novel it's lonely at the center of the earth), Pitch Canker as well as anime such as Studio Ghibli. Although i'm still learning i'm eager to practice my craft and hopefully apply it in the field one day. I'm also interested in other mediums such as 3D modelling as well, I'm interested in all digital art forms and whatever allows me to be creative.

When i'm not working I enjoy going to the beach, reading a range of fiction books, surfing, skiing, video games and running.


Check out my Resume here!